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New Italian sites added to the World Heritage List

The 44th “extended” session of the World Heritage Committee (16-31 July 2021), held in virtual mode in Fuzhou (China), ended on 31 July. The Committee decided the inscription of 3 new Italian sites in the World Heritage List:

  • “Padua Urbs Picta – Giotto, The Scrovegni Chapel and Fourteenth-Century Painting Cycles”.
  •  the “Porticoes of Bologna”.
  •  Montecatini Terme – as part of the transnational candidacy of the “Great Spas of Europe”.

The Committee also approved the extension of the transnational serial site of the “Ancient primeval beech forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe”, with the extension of the “Pollinello” and “Cozzo Ferriero” Vetuste Beech forests, already part of the site, and the addition of the “Valle Infernale” forest in the Aspromonte National Park and a further part of the “Foresta Umbra”, already recognised.

This brings the total number of Italian sites on the World Heritage List to 58.

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“Anche i Portici di Bologna entrano nella Lista del Patrimonio Mondiale dell’Umanità dell’UNESCO” – Comunicato stampa MAECI (28.07.2021)

Comunicato stampa UNESCO (28.07.2021)

“I Siti di “Padova Urbs Picta” e Montecatini Terme iscritti nella Lista dei Beni Patrimonio dell’Umanità” – Comunicato stampa MAECI (24.07.2021)

Comunicato stampa UNESCO (24.07.2021)