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Who we are

Ambassador Liborio Stellino
Permanent Representative to UNESCO and BIE


First Counsellor Luca Spiniello
Vice Permanent Representative to UNESCO and BIE, UNESCO Education Sector


First Secretary Giulio del Federico
UNESCO Sciences Sector, Media relations and Institutional communication


First Secretary Chiara Franco
UNESCO Culture Sector, BIE relations


Michelange Stefano
Arm of Carabineers, Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage – UNESCO Culture Sector


Maria Vittoria Cubellis
Scientific attachée – UNESCO Sciences Sector


Carla Di Paola
UNESCO Sciences Sector, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission


Chiara Borrelli
Officer of the Cultural Promotion Sector – Events organisation, Institutional communication, UNESCO Culture Sector


Cristina Porzio
Translator and interpreter – Events organisation, UNESCO Education Sector


Héloïse Chapput
Translator and interpreter – Institutional communication, UNESCO Culture Sector


Susanna Cappitelli


Carmela Ilaria Cannito


Arianna Baiocco


Silvia Pizzeghello
Administration, Secretariat, Personnel


Mariagrazia Granatella
Secretary of the Ambassador


Francesco Corsaro


Giulio Antonelli